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Overcome Pornography- A Porn Addiction Recovery Program that Works!

Hi, my name is Ryan Wynder and I want to welcome you to my Pornography Addiction site. Click Here to learn how to Overcome Pornography You more than likely have a lot of questions regarding Pornography and Sex Addiction.  Overcome Pornography was created for not only those  suffering from an Addiction to Pornography or Sex, but those loved ones who may be affected as well. In my private counseling practice in Las Vegas Nevada, I have been INUNDATED with clients both suffering from Pornography Read more [...]

Evaluation, Diagnosis And Counseling Of Sexual Addiction

There are different kinds of addiction in the world. The most common addictions are addiction to drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Where does sex addiction fall? Sex addiction is one of the less known kinds of addiction which is often not discussed and recognizedopenly. This is because majority of the people in the community are not very comfortable in the discussion of sex. There is massive inhibition. However, this scenario is changing very quickly and people are coming forward in discussing these sensitive Read more [...]

How Does Porn Addiction Affect the Addict

Porn addiction is described by behavioral experts as an ever present will to view pornographic content. Just like other kinds of addictions, such as drug addiction and alcohol addiction, porn addicts are almost driven to view pornographic content and go to great lengths to be able to watch it too. Where as in the past addicts had to carry out their desires in more physical forms of porn, i.e.  Magazines and CD’s, advances in technology and the advent of mobile devices and internet porn have Read more [...]

Men’s Porn Use Linked to Unhappy Relationships

I just came across a very good article that you should read.. Pornography obviously doesn't just affect the person who is looking at pornography, but their significant other as well. I would say that 90% of my clients struggling with porn addiction- are concerned about how porn is hurting their existing relationships. This article does a great job of describing the feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem that the partner goes through when they discover pornography Read more [...]

Pornography Addiction Healing

The work of healing from your Addiction to Pornography can sometimes seem endless, like I have said before- with the right treatment there is hope even if you have had failures in the past, there is HOPE!! Part of that hope comes from finding resources that continue to provide direction and insight to clients. One resource that I have recently come across that has been extremely helpful to clients is a book called: Secret Keeping: Overcoming Hidden Habits and Addictions written by: John Read more [...]

Porn Addictive Personality?

In fighting YOUR Addiction to Pornography you must remember that there is another player involved in the battle that we need to pay attention to. That player is our Addictive Personality and it has a mind of it's own. In Dr. Lee Jampolsky's book The Addictive Personality he states, "the Addictive Personality is not going to go down without a fight, and it is in your best interest to know all of its tricks and strategies for distraction." So we need to ask ourselves the questions - How does Read more [...]

Porn Addiction Recovery Needs

Today I was again reminded of the depth and the layers that are involved in our recovery from porn addiction. In meeting with a client we were discussing a recent melt down that he had, which did not lead to a relapse but did create a concern in the client in regards to his overall emotional well-being. For many recovering addicts the idea or what can seem like the newness of feeling and dealing with ones emotions can at times be overwhelming. This is why the feelings journal can be so Read more [...]

Porn Addiction Justification

The mindset of someone who is addicted to Pornography is often filled with justifications. Justifications come in many forms and can range from being very simple to extremely complex. Nonetheless they all serve the same purpose and that is to maintain the connection one has to their Addiction to PORN. Justifications keep the relationship first and foremost. Recently I had a client that opened me up to a whole new world of justifying statements for PORN use!! He started out with saying things Read more [...]

KNPR Las Vegas – Porn Free Interview

Recently I was interviewed by a local radio station in Las Vegas. The topic was Pornography Addiction. You can listen to the Interview HERE I would love to get your feedback- do you agree or disagree with anything? Best- Ryan   Read more [...]

Pornography Addiction- Counter Attack

In the book Reinventing Your Life, it discusses 11 different life traps that we fall into in our lives. The book also discusses 3 ways in which we respond or deal with issues. We surrender to them, try and escape them, or we use a counter attack approach. This theory also translates to porn addiction. Recently, I was working with a client and we were discussing his feelings of shame, which are primarily: I am defective and if people really knew me, they would not love me. As we discussed his feelings Read more [...]

Masturbation and Pornography Addiction

Often in the fight to overcome our pornography addiction we fail to mention or talk about it's counterpart which is masturbation. Some people may even struggle more with a masturbation addiction than they do a pornography addiction. I wanted to shed some light on this dynamic in hopes that we might have a better understanding of why our ability to stop masturbation maybe more complex than we think. Just like pornography is not just about the naked people, masturbation also has a underlying Read more [...]
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