Break the chains of pornography addiction


Change Your Story!

I wanted to share with you a recent exercise that I put together in
working with a client that was STRUGGLING with overcoming an Addiction
to Pornography.

The exercise is done in 2 parts.

The first part is for you to identify all of your core limiting beliefs
that you have about yourself.

These are the beliefs that we carry around that keep us from achieving
our full potential in life. They also get reinforced by our Addiction
to Pornography.

These beliefs may include things such as I am a failure or I am not
good enough, I don’t deserve to be happy, I fear success, etc.

What ever the limiting belief is, we often battle this on a constant
basis and the feelings that these beliefs produce are often the
feelings that lead to want to escape into our addiction.

These limiting beliefs also get played out in the way we tell the story
of our lives, even the way we tell the story of or recovery.

I have found you can learn a great deal about a person and their hope
for recovery by listening to the way they share their Recovery Story
and the types of words and phrases they use to not only describe their
addiction recovery but also how they view themselves in that recovery.

Think about it: What role do you play in the story of your recovery?

Are you a victim, a survivor, or a hero?

There is a huge difference in the way we share our story from these
various perspectives, which of those perspectives gives the most hope
and sense of conquering?

Think about how you share your story and does it fit in with some of
your core limiting beliefs that you carry around.

Part of overcoming your addiction to pornography has to do with
changing our mindset, having a sense of hope, and believing we can
overcome this addiction.

What a better way to start that process than to change our story about
a recovery.

My challenge to each of you is to Rewrite the Story of your recovery
from the perspective of the hero/conqueror and embrace the feelings
that come along with that role.

Begin TODAY to change your story and your vision about yourself and
this addiction!

Ryan Wynder

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