Break the chains of pornography addiction


It’s Not About the Naked People

There have been many times over the years in my treatment of
pornography addiction, that clients have looked at me almost cross-eyed
when I say to them: “It’s Not about the Naked People!

Their focus up until that point has been on the “Naked” people and they
base their sense of progress simply on whether I look at pornography or
I don’t.

Of course my challenge to all my clients is to look beyond the scope of
the naked people and see what is behind THEIR desire to maintain their

I have been recently working with a client who reinforced this
perspective that most clients carry.

In our second session together he spoke about how he keeps thinking
about what he is hearing from others, that this addiction to
pornography is a symptom of a bigger problem and that he needs to dig
deeper into himself in order to find what the problem really is.

His resistance to introspection and broadening the scope of his
awareness has been with him throughout his life, but ironically enough,
so has the problem!

As the conversation progressed he made the statement that most people
focus on whether they are the person with this addiction or the spouse
or friend of someone who struggles with pornography addiction: “I have
always thought I just liked looking at naked women.”

Let me say this again, “It’s Not about the Naked People.”

We have to broaden our focus, we have to change our approach.

This addiction requires introspection and a new way of thinking about
this problem.

By doing so you will open your mind and recovery to a whole new
direction, a direction that leads to success.

There are other reasons we seek out pornography, it’s not just because
we like to look at naked pictures.

This new approach will take courage and dedication and a willingness to
be open to looking within.

It may require addressing things about yourself you have wanted to hide
or push away, but your recovery is depending on it.

I encourage you to go on this journey and discover what so many others
have found; “It’s Not About the Naked People.”

Ryan Wynder

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