Break the chains of pornography addiction


Pornography State of Mind

In a recent book I have been reading called, “Change your Questions, Change your Life
by: Wendy Watson Nelson, she discusses the influential power of
questions in our lives.

Building from an earlier article I have written on core beliefs, I
wanted to share some insights I gleaned from this book and adapt them
to the fight against pornography addiction.

She states, “we” see things as “we” really are.

In other words the state of our physical, psychological, and spiritual
self, influence what we are presently able to see.

Our ability to or the way in which we interpret our experiences with
life and others as well as our addiction to pornography is influenced
by this state of being.

Thus, in our current state of despair or struggle we may find it
difficult to find a way out or even have the hope necessary to overcome
our addiction to pornography.

In the program I have developed for overcoming pornography we discuss ways in which we can change the state of our current physical, psychological, and spiritual self.
As we begin to change our state of “being” we will begin to see things
in our lives differently, have a greater sense of hope, and most
important begin to challenge the old beliefs that keep us constrained
to the old patterns in our lives that have kept us stuck in this

Here is another exercise designed to get us to begin to think
differently about our addiction, it’svadapted from the book mentioned

Fill in the blank to this question:

If I were to believe _____________________________ about my addiction
to pornography, what would be different?

hat would I be able to do that I can’t do now?
Take some time to think and write about this question, make sure that
what you put in the blank represents a belief that is a 180 -degree

change from a current belief that you have about your addiction. Then
begin to thing about what would be different, visual the change and
then begin to live it!

I know you can do it.

Ryan Wynder

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