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Anthony Weiner- Porn Addict?

Is U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner a Porn or Sex Addict?

Recently Congressman Anthony Weiner (D NY), was caught sending intimate/erotic pictures of himself to several women that he met online.  As the story first broke, he immediately denied sending the picture via Twiter, and said that his account had been hacked.  After a week of denying any knowledge of how pictures of him ended up online, he finally came clean and told the truth; that he in fact had sent the pictures.  He also confirmed that he has been having “inappropriate” online relationships with several women over the past couple of years despite being married about 11 months ago.

I am not hear to judge him, but I wanted to point out that Anthony Weiner is not so different from a lot of men and women.

Most individuals that I help who admit to being addicted to pornography or sex fit the same profile.  When in the act of watching pornography, visiting strip clubs, or chatting in online sex forums, most are almost “Transfixed”.  They really don’t think that they are hurting anyone and enjoy moment. However, most develop a sense of remorse and shame following the act.  Anthony Weiner doesn’t know why he felt the need to send erotic pictures, sexts, phone calls to strangers.  Most women happened to “like” him on facebook, and then he immediately contacted them.

Again, I don’t know if U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner is a Porn or Sex Addict, but I can say that he has some exhibitionist tendencies that have led to this embarrassing situation.   I truly feel for him and his wife.  I know that he can be helped if he seeks it.  I created my program “Overcome Pornography” to help individuals like Anthony Weiner to break free from the chains that bind.  I would love to help Anthony Weiner- my program is easy to use and maintains your privacy.  You don’t have to talk to anyone, and still get the help you are seeking.

I love the fact that I can help others who are struggling .  If it’s you, please do not be ashamed.  Watch the short video on the site, and let me help you.

Ryan Wynder


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