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Overcome Pornography- A Porn Addiction Recovery Program that Works!

Hi, my name is Ryan Wynder and I want to welcome you to my Pornography Addiction site.

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You more than likely have a lot of questions regarding Pornography and Sex Addiction.  Overcome Pornography was created for not only those  suffering from an Addiction to Pornography or Sex, but those loved ones who may be affected as well.

In my private counseling practice in Las Vegas Nevada, I have been INUNDATED with clients both suffering from Pornography Addiction and loved  ones of people who are addicted to Pornography.

Are You Addicted to Pornography?

A question I am always asked from these clients is how do they know if they are “Addicted” to pornography.  My answer to them is: “What kind of effect is Pornography playing in your life”?  Most individuals who start viewing Pornography, do so “RECREATIONALLY”.  Just like people who experiment with drugs, for some people it just takes trying it once to become addicted.

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When your life starts to become seriously disrupted because of Pornography, you have a problem.  I have clients who started off viewing  Pornography, and that led to frequenting strip clubs, sleeping with prostitutes, and getting fired from their jobs for viewing Pornography at  work.  They not only lost their jobs, but lost family and friends as well.  It can be a slippery slope.  That’s why I created Overcome Pornography. I  wanted to help those men and women who have had their lives interrupted due to Pornography.

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It’s important to know that it IS possible to beat this addiction.  You DON’T have to be defined by this addiction any longer.  I am here to help!

Here’s to a NEW You!

Ryan Wynder


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