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What Is Your “Snap”- Pornography Addiction?

Stressed Out

Don't Snap


In treating people struggling with Pornography Addiction you find that this addiction is no respecter of persons.  Those engulfed in its chains come in all shapes and sizes and in particular have various personality types.  Recently, I have noticed a trend with a certain personality type and this addiction.


The “Perfectionist” is an individual whose life is defined by pressure. They are always in the clutches of their unrelenting standards, which drive them to be perfect in all that they do and are apart of. This drive leads to a tremendous amount of pressure that they feel in their lives on a daily basis. It is also a pressure they seem to find no relief from, that is until they “snap.”


The “snap” in this case is their addiction to pornography. This is the one thing that has given them relief from the pressure they feel on a daily basis. It is also the perfect fit for them because they can hide it and keep it a secret from others as to not tarnish their “perfectionistic” sense of self. The reason I refer to it as a “snap” is because of the build up of pressure they feel in themselves and with no relief.  It just builds and builds until they just “snap.”


Treatment then becomes two-fold for these individuals. First they need to identify their beliefs about the need to be perfect and begin reducing their unrelenting standards, a.k.a. find balance in their lives. Second, they must find a healthier way to “snap.” We all need a break in our lives from the stressors that press upon us; we just need to focus on the healthy breaks. For some it might be as simple as laughter, others it may be going to the gym, but whatever your “snap” is let’s evaluate it’s effectiveness and degree of unhealthiness and make the change.


Ryan Wynder

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