Break the chains of pornography addiction


Porn Addiction Justification

The mindset of someone who is addicted to Pornography is often filled with justifications.
Justifications come in many forms and can range from being very simple to extremely complex. Nonetheless they all serve the same purpose and that is to maintain the connection one has to their Addiction to PORN.
Justifications keep the relationship first and foremost.
Recently I had a client that opened me up to a whole new world of justifying statements for PORN use!! He started out with saying things like men are primal in nature and that it is natural for men to want to have their seed in more than one woman and we are not meant to be with just one woman in our lives.
Then he went even further to say that throughout history men as well as kings have had wives and concubines and harlots!
So obviously this makes looking at porn totally justifiable and normal! It did not stop there, now came the justification or reasoning for masturbation: Here the individual claimed that one could not possibly see a beautiful women and not take the time to properly “salute her”. ¬†YES… that is really what he said.
So in working through our addiction to porn and addiction to masturbation we will face the uphill climb of refuting and challenging our justifications that we have used over and over again. These justifications our cemented in our way of thinking and will not be easily removed.
When you try and justify your Addiction to Porn
I created Overcome Pornography to help everyone who has “SLIPPED” up and are not able to control how often the view Pornography.ography- you are starting on a slippery slope that isn’t easy to recover from.
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