Break the chains of pornography addiction


Porn Addictive Personality?

In fighting YOUR Addiction to Pornography you must remember that there is another player involved in the battle that we need to pay attention to. That player is our Addictive Personality and it has a mind of it’s own.

In Dr. Lee Jampolsky’s book The Addictive Personality he states, “the Addictive Personality is not going to go down without a fight, and it is in your best interest to know all of its tricks and strategies for distraction.”

So we need to ask ourselves the questions – How does our Addictive Personality speak to us?

How does it try and keep us caught up in our addiction? Becoming familiar with it’s voice and with it’s lies is and essential tool in overcoming our addiction to pornography.

Here are some examples of the lies and strategies employed by our Addictive Personality:

  • I failed before at this and will fail again.
  • I can’t possibly do this.
  • If I make a mistake it will ruin my whole life.
  • I deserve to have one last time at this.
  • This is not a big deal, my spouse is making this a bigger deal of this than it really is.
  • You can stop this at any time that you want.
  • If I just look at this magazine I won’t be looking at porn so that will be okay. (leads you to wanting more)

The list of lies can go on and on with our addictive personality, It will tells us whatever it wants us to hear in order to maintain the addiction in our lives. We need to recognize the voice and make it a personal goal to know as Dr. Jampolsky points out all of its tricks and strategies for distraction.

This will help us immensely in our ability to overcome our Addiction to Pornography.

Wishing you Much Success in your battle-

Ryan Wynder

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