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Pornography Addiction Healing

The work of healing from your Addiction to Pornography can sometimes seem endless, like I have said before- with the right treatment there is hope even if you have had failures in the past, there is HOPE!!

Part of that hope comes from finding resources that continue to provide direction and insight to clients.

One resource that I have recently come across that has been extremely helpful to clients is a book called: Secret Keeping: Overcoming Hidden Habits and Addictions written by: John Howard Prin.

Although the content does not refer specifically to Pornography Addiction, the information is so helpful that clients are finding great hope in what they are reading in this book.

For example a client that I have been working with recently (John). His life was turned upside down recently when it was revealed to his wife that not only did he have an addiction to pornography he also had been having a long term affair and was frequently visiting strip clubs as well.

Due to some extreme external motivation John has dove into recovery, partly to save his marriage and family and also to save himself. He was the classic image management client who on the outside looked like he had everything together but behind the scenes he was self-destructing.

So when John came into my office he was definitely in a place where he was looking for answers and was willing to do the work. He was searching for answers to his behaviors and wanting to search within himself. Socrates once said, “the unexamined life is not worth living. Know thyself is the key to happiness.”

The importance of self examination in recovery is critical. I offered up the book Secret Keeping to John and he accepted to read it.

At our next session John was overwhelmed by the insight he gained from reading the book. ¬†His wife also was able to read the book and was able to have a better understanding of the things her husband had done. He was finally at a place that John Prin the author of the book talks about where we: “Unburden yourself of those shameful and discreditable actions that you have intentionally concealed, and feel the freedom of it. Great risks bring great gains!”

John was letting go of his “image management” and facing his issues head on for the first time and as a result he was feeling more free than he ever had in his life. The opposite feeling to which our Addiction to Pornography will tell us we will feel, if we let people know about it.

The combination of effort and insight and willingness to face his fears is continuing to pay great dividens for John and will also do the same for you as you work to overcome your addiction to pornography.

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