Break the chains of pornography addiction


Teen Pornography and Sex Addiction

Most porn addicts get started when they are teenagers. Boys ages 11 to 17 years have been known to view pornography the most out of any demographic.  Most of the clients that I see in my private practice started viewing pornography while in their youth.

If you are a parent who suspects that your child may have an addiction to pornography- here are some questions to ask yourself:

Is your son demonstrating poor personal hygiene?

- Does your son have a history of using drugs or alcohol?

- Has your son shown signs of depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues?

- Is your son isolating himself and choosing not to be involved in extra curricular activities?

- Is your son struggling in school?

– Is your son hyper-sensitive about his personal belongings, space or room?

- Is your son willing to risk social or legal boundaries to access pornography?

- When questioned about his behavior, does your son become defensive, angry, or shut down?

- Do you have suspicions that your sons inappropriate behaviors have extended beyond himself?

- Does your son have any unusual sexual obsessions towards inanimate objects?

If you are answering yes to the majority of these questions, there is a good chance that your son is struggling with a sex addiction, and more specifically an addiction to pornography.

I just came across these videos related to Teen Sex Addiction


Part 1 of an award winning news story by CBS7 on teen pornography addictions. This 2-part series discusses the problem and treatment options, including Oxbow Academy.


Part 2 of an award winning news story by CBS7 on Teen Porn addictions with interviews from Oxbow Academy.

Pornography addiction can be won.  Overcome Pornography will help you or your teen through the process.



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