Break the chains of pornography addiction


How did you start your Porn Addiction?

How did you get started?

Did a buddy find some “Nudy” magazine somewhere, and invited you over to check it out?

Were you surfing the WEB and inadvertently came across porn?

I recently saw a client who had his first exposure to pornography while doing Highway “Clean up” when he was a BOY SCOUT.

He was walking down beside the high way and went to pick up some garbage, and saw a front cover of a Hard Porn magazine.

He didn’t seek this out- it came to him.  He made a choice to instead of throwing this cover in his garbage bag, he folded it up and put it in his pocket.  He had no idea how that choice would impact his life.

This first experience when he was 9 years old, started him down a road of curiosity about pornography.  This was really exciting

for him, as he gained some attention from other boys because of it.  It also started him down the road of Secrecy.

He had been dealing with his porn addiction in secrecy for around 20 years.

He is finally breaking free from the Shame that has shackled him for so many years.

Pornography Addiction Doesn’t just go AWAY…

As much as we would like to hope that we can just “Will” it away- we can’t .

It took some time and work on your part to become addicted to porn, and it will take some time and work to break free.

This is what I want for you.  Overcome Pornography is here for that reason.  I have too many clients who struggle with an addiction to porn.

You can do it!

Your friend,


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