Break the chains of pornography addiction


6 Shocking Facts About Pornography Addiction And Its Adverse Side Effects

Pornography is associated with sexual feelings. It is a depiction of sex in order to be sexually gratified. People who are addicted to porn make use of many different kinds of media. There is pornography in movies, videos, painting, sculpture, photos, magazines, drawing and more. This is not the actual act of sex, but only a depiction of the act.



Addiction to pornography


Addiction is a situation when a person could no longer control what he is doing, using or taking. An addiction may start as a hobby and when a person gets involved in the act regularly, it develops into addiction. An addict cannot control his use of the thing he is addicted to such that in the end he could no longer quit the addiction. This can happen with any porn addict who find it really difficult toquit porno addiction.


Pornography addiction is not a new thing. It had already existed in the past but the development and enhancement of technology has made pornography addiction reach high intensity. In the past, you witness this in movies, photos or magazines. Today, you can still find such magazines. But widespread availability of porn videos and movies has made it easy for people to access these materials on the internet. More and more people are using the internet to access this kind of material.


What you should know about pornography – shocking facts


• Pornography today is more prevalent. This is because pornographic materials and media can be easily accessed. The internet is a free source of videos and photos. With the electronic devices like tablets, notebooks and Smartphones, addiction has become more severe and addicts grow in number. This is because pornographic materials are more accessible anytime through gadgets that can just be kept in the bag or pocket.
• Pornographic materials are available in the internet such that people may no longer have to pay for the original and instead merely download them from the internet. Anyone with minimal technical skills can play the pornographic films and movies on computer. Storing then in the computer is easier compared to collecting volumes of pornographic magazines.
• You can easily detect or diagnose a person with porn addiction through the symptoms which includes 1) huge amount of time viewing pornography and 2) withdrawal from other activities in favor of porno viewing. The hoarding of videos already watched is another sign that a person is undergoing porn addiction. Possession of a few copies of the materials, magazines or DVDs is not yet alarming. However, voluminous copies which are viewed regularly become a problem.
• This condition can keep an addict away from the family. Addict’s children are not allowed to view the material. It may also have a negative impact on the spouse of an addict. As a result, addict’s relationship with the members of family is jeopardized.
• When a person become a sex addict who is now dependent on pornography to be aroused, an issue that may come between the married life of a person. The partner may have the feeling of being cheated, a feeling of just being used and not desired. There is a big difference between sex done by two parties with emotional attachment and sex done for a viewing audience.
• You know that pornography is hardly separated from sex. When aroused, the addict may not be able to contain himself such that sexual attacks may happen frequently. Could this be a cause of rise in crime against women and female children? You know the answer to this. You read and hear about rape cases.


Pornography addiction hasled to many problems – personal and community issues and crimes. Teenagers are affected most by this addiction. They are enticed by the different websites and are unconscious of the harmful effects of engagement in such activities. When addicted, it will be very hard to break away from this and in the end; it may completely ruin the life of an addict.


Some possible side effects of pornography addiction


• Involvement in sex-related crimes
• Relationship problem – with the family, friends and peers
• Attacks of anxiety
• Depression
• Lack of self-confidence or self-esteem
• Insomnia
• Lack of appetite
• Lack of sex drive without first viewing the porno material


Adverse effects of pornography addiction to the community


The effect on the community is more devastating. Statistics show that crimes involving sex have risen over the past decade. Many addicts turn prostitutes and call boys. More teens are getting addicted to pornography because of the current technology that makes pornographic viewing accessible anywhere and anytime.


These adverse effects are only very few but may already be more than enough to define the seriousness of the porn addiction problem. Once a person is hooked, it may be very difficult to quit porn addiction.

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