Break the chains of pornography addiction


8 Reasons Why A Person Should Break Porn Addiction

Pornography and sex are inseparable. When pornography becomes a problem, it results in many different problems for people. There are people who believe that it could be easy to quit porn addiction. But on the contrary, porn addiction is like any other kind of addiction. Breaking away from it can be very difficult. One who is getting away from it will need treatment and rehabilitation.



When you want to break porn addiction, you will be undergoing the same difficult withdrawal just like what smoking and drinking addicts do. When contemplating to stop, you have to consider the following:


• Why is it so hard to break porn addiction?
• What are the adverse effects of porn addiction?
• Where can you find help to break away from porn addiction?


Knowing the side effects of addiction to pornography helps in breaking away from it. It is also essential to understand what causes this addiction in you.


The triggers to porn addiction


As a human being, it is in your nature to have the overpowering drive for sex. It is very natural to have this feeling. For men, showing virility for sex is a sign of masculinity.Unlike in other kinds of addiction, pornography does not make use of drugs. When under this condition, your brain will release natural drugs in your system. You call these dopamine, serotonin and non-epinephrine, drugs that will incite your sex drive. These are the triggers to pornography.


The side effects of this kind of addiction will be the force that should compel you to quit porn addiction.


The negative effects – 8 reasons that should keep you away from porn


1. It has negative impact on your personality whereby you can have loss of confidence and self-esteem. You will feel that you have lost your masculine capability for sex if you are not aroused first by the porn materials.
2. Affected individuals may suffer desensitization, loss or reduced sensitivity. This will adversely affect your relationship with people around you.
3. This may indirectly cause you to commit crimes that involve sexual harassment. When you are a porn addict, your tendency is to watch the video or photos which will eventually arouse you. With the strong drive, you will try to find mate who can satisfy you. In the end, when none is found, you will be inclined to commit sexual crimes.
4. Pornography can also lead to masturbation and one-night stand sex. You can be inclined to use prostitutes to release your sexual desire. You will also be enticed to go to strip clubs to satisfy your addiction.
5. Addiction will increase your rong appetite for any other pornographic content, Thus you will spend so much time surfing the net for downloadable sex videos.
6. There is a tendency that you will lose sexual interest towards your spouse or partner because they could not replicate what you see in the porn videos.
7. Your addiction can ultimately lead to divorce, marital break-up or grave psychological problems. Why? You and your spouse will have a different outlook on sex.
8. There are those that will suffer regret and remorse because the pornographic acts are contra to their religious teachings and beliefs.


These are simple reasons why you should think to get off the hook of pornography. You know the causes and the side effects. But do you know how to break-away from it? When you have realized the ill-effects of porn addiction, you might want to amend your life. You can commence your new life free from sexual addiction via simple self-help.


Self-help tips


Keep yourself busy.
By keeping yourself busy, you will have no time to think about pornographic films, videos and photos. Concentrate on your job or studies. It is advised that you go out with your family and friends, meet new people and have fun. Do something that you like, probably sports or a hobby. A change in your lifestyle will help you forget pornography. Remove the downloaded files in your electronic gadgets and replace them with games or songs that will entertain you. By being busy, your mind will be diverted away from pornographic images.


Avoid temptations.
You probably have the internet as your source of porn materials. What you have to do is to filter the contents of your PC so that the porn materials will no longer reach you. One good precautionary measure is to have the filter installed by another person. This will prevent you from learning how to disable the filter.


Ensure a good relationship with people around you.
Try to renew your relationship with your family. Instead of looking at the materials, inculcate in your mind that your family is more important than those materials. Try to improve your intimacy with your spouse. You will eventually have less need for pornography for arousal. You will realize the true sexual pleasure from your relationship with your spouse.


There are other ways that can help you break away from addiction to pornography. Use whatever way is applicable to your need and capacity. Start a new, better and happier life.

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