Break the chains of pornography addiction


How To Stop Watching Porn

With every tick of the clock, a lot of people are spending a lot of time and money on pornography. Porn materials include sexually arousing photos, videos and other porn items. Watching these materials regularly and frequently can later develop into a kind of addiction. Just like any addiction, pornography addicts might develop several mental and physical issues. Your studies (if you are a student), your job performance (if you are a worker), family relationships and self-esteem can be adversely affected.



What happens when you are addicted to pornography? We can start with the waste of money. These materials can cost you big bucks as these materials often have high prices. You will also be spending a lot of time in watching the porn materials. This will take away quality time from your family and work. You can lose your job because of this. And the harmony in the family can be jeopardized. Lastly, porn addiction will put your relationship on the rocksif you have a spouse or partner. Do you think you can still enjoy sex with your spouse without the aid of porn materials?


Being in this situation, your primary goal should be to break porn addiction. How do you do it?I can prescribe four fundamental ways to quit porn addiction. First and foremost, you should examine what made you addicted. This process starts with acceptance – an acknowledgement of your porn addiction. Your admission will be the starting point and this will lead you down the winding path to quit porn. You will now be ready to find what made you addicted to this dangerous activity.


Discovering the triggers to your addiction is also of vital importance. You should try to find out why you began watching porn in the first place. Does the impulse occur during specific times or just after certain happenings or events? Perhaps you do it before going to bed to get away with your insomnia. Perhaps you do it when you are bored and have nothing to do. It could also be because of loneliness in your life. Unless you know the triggers, you will have a hard time controlling your porn addiction.


Now, what you have to do is make note ofall the triggers and events. You have to make an entry about how you got addicted to porn and what are your specific triggers to this addiction. Include in your notes what happens each time you have watched porn – your feelings and your actuations. This will make you develop self-awareness which can be crucial in your desire to quit porn addiction.


For your next step, you should be able to condition your mind. Try to convince yourself that this is a bad habit and needs to be stamped out of your life. Like other forms of addiction, it might prove to be harder to quit than it seems. You might find that it becomes impossible to just stop. You will have desires and one can’t always fight the cravings. Perhaps one step that you should implement is weaning your hardcore porn desire.


Weaning can start by engaging in softcore. Softcore means that you have to reduce your time of watching porn material. Like in cigarette smoking, quitting can start from smoking lesser and lesser each day. So here, the objective is to decrease the time as well as the intensity of watching porn. By switching to softcore porn, you are nearing your objective of quitting porn.


You can also stimulate your mind by using some other ways. For instance, instead of watching the porn materials, you can resort to reading erotic stories. This will be quite a tricky move to pull off but this natural way is doable and can be effective. However, do not make it too hard on yourself and do not give up when you stumble along the way. It is best to document each success.


Lastly, establish a feasible goal. You will read from other resources that you are supposed to be busy to counter the call of addiction. You can keep yourself busy by getting involved in healthy habits. You can devout your time in playing musical instrument, doing crafts, getting into a weight loss regimen or joining different organizations or association. Go out with your family and spend more time with them. All this will have a great effect on your state of mind.


There you have it, the four fundamental ways of getting away from your pornography addiction. The road to success will not be easy but you should have willpower to fight the devil inside you. All that is needed from your side is the desire to break these shackles and free yourself from this abomination. I am sure you can do it. Best of luck!

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