Break the chains of pornography addiction


Surviving The Porn Fatality And Emerging As A Hero

How does a person who is addicted to pornography react and feel? For one thing, he is very secretive ashe would not want anybody to know about this bad habit. Actually, a porno addict goes through a lot of emotional stress. He is often overwhelmed by two very distinctive emotions. These are shame and guilt.



Feeling of shame and feeling of guilt:


This kind of feeling is very personal and lies within the conscience of the addict. He cannot face the world with confidence because of this feeling. The addict feels and considers himself a bad person for being a porn addict. Feeling of guilt, on the other hand, is actually good for a porn addict because this generally pushes the person to take remedial action. However, merely a feeling of guilt cannot save the addict. He has to realize the negative effects of his addiction and direct his attention to reform his life.


If we compare guilt and shame, we can conclude that shame is problematic while guilt can be used as a tool to correct actions. Shame makes a sex or porn addict to have low regard for himself ashe loses his self-esteem. As a consequence,he turns inward in order to be able to avoid people and the society. Guilt can play as an important tool for an addict and give him the power to distinguish right from wrong and vice versa. These feelings can give the addictreasons to quit porn.


How does a sex or porn addict feel when still under the addiction?


• Any person who is struggling with porn addiction should first of all have the best reasons to quit porn. The porn addict struggles with his relationship with others and find it hard to fight and control his behavior. If he is not able to control his behavior, he might be like sex addicts who become more visually demonstrative in their sexual action and performance.

• The addict is also very fearful of being discovered and because of shame and guilt the addict goes deeper into his porn addiction. This is his way of dealing with his emotions. Some consider this as a sort of defense mechanism.

• They may also put the blame on others especially if they want to camouflage their shame and guilt. They suffer from crab mentality where they want to go up only to bring down those on top. This is because they want to look good before the people and this is the way of hiding their vices.

• To add to his defense mechanism the addict strives to attain a false image so that he would be regarded as better than the others. This is actually one of ways used by the addict to rebuild his dwindling self-esteem.


Surviving the porn fatality


It is certainly not easy to give up any addiction. But it is not impossible. If an addict is true in his desire to leave the addiction, he can certainly achieve his goals. Therapies are the most common remedies that can help in getting rid of past addiction. Therapy can be of two kinds – individual or group therapy. The addict may receive individual therapy on a one to one basis. On the other hand, the addict can get a chance to remedy his problem with a support group when he opts for group therapy


Other than personal and group therapy, the addict can also take help from the materials available on the internet. However, it is better to get support from an expert in this regard. Talking to someone who can understand a person’s feeling has natural healing powers. This someone can be one of the family members, friends or loved ones of the addict. And of course, it is also best to talk to a professional counselor who is an expert and a better person to guide an addict.


The addict will be able to open up and tell everything without inhibitions when he is with an expert of the field. The addict can even choose to discuss his experiences with other reforming or reformed porn addicts as they will be in a good position to guide someone who wants to follow their footsteps.Since they understand the feeling of guilt and shame of the other addict, they can talk to the person about emotions and challenges in living a straight and clean life.


It is seldom easy for a porn addict to leave his or her addiction without support. With good support and encouragement, the addict may find it less cumbersome to get off the clasp of pornography. They can survive the fatal porn addiction by being firm in their desire to get rid of the porn addiction. This is how they can emerge hero in this difficult ordeal.

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