Break the chains of pornography addiction


Evaluation, Diagnosis And Counseling Of Sexual Addiction

There are different kinds of addiction in the world. The most common addictions are addiction to drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Where does sex addiction fall? Sex addiction is one of the less known kinds of addiction which is often not discussed and recognizedopenly. This is because majority of the people in the community are not very comfortable in the discussion of sex. There is massive inhibition. However, this scenario is changing very quickly and people are coming forward in discussing these sensitive Read more [...]

How Does Porn Addiction Affect the Addict

Porn addiction is described by behavioral experts as an ever present will to view pornographic content. Just like other kinds of addictions, such as drug addiction and alcohol addiction, porn addicts are almost driven to view pornographic content and go to great lengths to be able to watch it too. Where as in the past addicts had to carry out their desires in more physical forms of porn, i.e.  Magazines and CD’s, advances in technology and the advent of mobile devices and internet porn have Read more [...]
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