Break the chains of pornography addiction


Module 21- Types of Addictive Personalities Homework

There are 2 main types of Addictive Personalities, which are focused on 2 distinct principles: Pleasure Centered Principle. Power Centered Principle. In this lessen we will break down each principle (comes from the book The Addictive Personality) and then look at what you can do to combat these principles. Pleasure Centered Principle: Vision for life - Life is painful, but pleasure makes it worth living. Goal - Avoid pain and maximize your pleasure in life. Time - Your Read more [...]

Module 19- Moral Inventory Homework

I developed this lesson as a result of evaluated those who were having success with overcoming their pornography addiction and those who were still struggling, and I found that one of the key elements those individuals programs that were having success had done a Moral Inventory. I feel that a moral inventory is important because as we have learned one of the key components in this addiction is the shame that we carry as well as our low sense of worth.  Thus, we have to find ways to shed or rid Read more [...]

Module 18- Balance Homework

This lessen will be geared towards understanding more the importance of balance in our lives. Some initial thoughts for this lesson: Addicts will be flooded with emotions but often have no awareness where these feelings come from. A person may have feelings far beyond what the occasion may warrant. There will be times that we may feel overwhelmed by our feelings and we need to find ways to work through them and not stuff them down inside of us. Each of these thoughts are connected to Read more [...]

Module 23- Review Video

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Module 8- Intervention on Shame Cycle Video

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Module 17- Narrative Exercise and Closing the Gap Homework

This lesson is dedicated to teaching you a couple of useful techniques to help you with your pornography addiction. Narrative Technique - "narrate the instinctual process" This techniques is based on the premiss of language and how words are used to discharge emotional energy. Talking about your stress or your addiction actually lessens the impact the thoughts are having on you, talking out your thoughts discharges the energy that we are used to holding in. Holding it in often leads to a build Read more [...]

Module 16- Lifestyle Change Homework

Almost every relapse starts from having a lifestyle imbalance. Have you ever had the thought - "I never knew what having fun was". If you have ever felt that way or felt like your addiction is consuming your life, there are many wonderful changes we can make in our lives so that we may enjoy life. Doing this will take us finding a better balance in our lives. Most of the work needed to establish this balance in our lives in centered on the idea of "Play". Living in the here and now, being Read more [...]

Module 15- Fantasy Homework

Pornography Addiction is and outward expression of an inward problem. We need to understand what is at our core in order to heal and overcome our addiction to pornography. The Goal of this lesson is to make the connection between our fantasies and our reality, but more how we create fantasies based on some inner emotional need that we have. The information for this lesson will be better understood from having the video and being able hear me walk you through step by step the process of making sense Read more [...]

Module 14- Chemical Background Homework

Chemical Healthy Meaning Pornography Dopamine "Focus attention" towards spouse and on each other. Helps Create a Sexy Mood Focus attention on pornography (fixation), also associated with cravings Norepinephrine Memories of one another are locked into our brain Viewer gets rush/also sears images of pornography into our memory Testosterone Hormone of sexual desire, positive well being, libido and energy Focus and desire towards pornography increases Oxytocin Cuddle Read more [...]

Module 13- Sobriety Challenges Homework

This lesson will focus on some the challenges that we will face in recovery. In particular some key issues that we will need to find a better balance for in hopes of overcoming our addiction to pornography. Issue One Extreme or End of the Spectrum The Other Extreme Distorted Achievement Over Achieving Underachieving Comprised Self-Esteem Self-Defeating Shame Selfishness or Self Absorbed Lack of Accountability Secret Life Not Accountable Problematic Self Care Self Read more [...]