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How Does Porn Addiction Affect the Addict


Porn addiction is described by behavioral experts as an ever present will to view pornographic content. Just like other kinds of addictions, such as drug addiction and alcohol addiction, porn addicts are almost driven to view pornographic content and go to great lengths to be able to watch it too. Where as in the past addicts had to carry out their desires in more physical forms of porn, i.e.  Magazines and CD’s, advances in technology and the advent of mobile devices and internet porn have opened up a whole lot of new options for addicts. This is perhaps the reason why porn continues to haunt all parts of society and has entered places where once it had no chance of penetration. Now, even normal people, ones that experts would not categorize as addicts, have also started to become attracted to porn. This has led to is an increase in the number of porn addicts, as all addicts take porn as more of a recreational activity.


Porn addiction is talked of in a negative tone because the effects that it has can literally tear lives apart. This article aims to single out these negative effects, as even though porn is touted as addiction that can ruin lives, its negative effects have not been discussed in detail at least the way they should be. Without further ado then, below are some of the effects that porn addiction can have on porn addicts:


Porn Addiction Destroys Relationships:


Porn addicts are known to suffer in relationships. Sitting in isolation all day long and viewing explicit content cuts off addicts from social contact. Therefore, these people find it hard to go out and meet friends, simply due to the fact that they do not get enough time as porn takes up most of their time. This leads to weakened relationships, which soon crumble. In addition, friends are not the only ones that addicts lose. An addict, who might be in a relationship with somebody, for instance, married to someone, will find it hard to enjoy sexual contact with his/her partner. The reason for this lack of enjoyment is the inability of the partner to carry out acts which are viewed on the screens. Thus, real sexual contact with a partner starts looking uninviting to addicts. Often, the loss of sexual interest in a partner leads to a loss of all kinds of interest in that partner, which more often than not spells disaster for the relationship. It is due to this reason that porn addiction had led to 56% of divorces.


Porn Addiction Hampers Addicts Financially:


While the internet has brought with itself a lot of free porn to be viewed, porn addicts have a knack of viewing paid content. In addition, a lot of pornographic websites market their offerings in such a way that people are naturally attracted to pay for the content. Paying for porn hampers addicts financially. Since porn addicts are not content with having only a few videos in their stash, they pile on paid content with the amount billed often ranging in the thousands range. An even more harrowing effect of porn, due to the lapse of internet security measures in work places, is that porn addicts view explicit content in their work places too. Imagine an addict with an office space that is removed from rest of the staff. The addict, sensing a chance to view explicit content, automatically opens a pornographic website on the browser. Untitled2 The lapse in security measures provides great help too, and since no body is looking, the addict continues to watch porn whenever possible.Since addicts cannot go without porn for long periods, this happens more often than not. Viewing porn during work hours leads to lowered productivity, and it is no wonder that addicts face job security issues.In fact, 1/3 of all companies have sacked an employee at some point due to the viewing of porn at work.


Porn Addiction Takes a Toll on the Health of Addicts:


In addition to causing major social and financial issues for addicts, porn addiction also damages the health of addicts. There are numerous reasons as to why this happens. Firstly, since addicts spend most of their time viewing porn in isolation, they destroy their social lives. A lack of interaction with people makes addicts lonely and depressed. Secondly, since porn affects addicts financially, the feeling of not being able to make ends meet makes individuals emotionally unstable. At its worst, porn addiction can also cause addicts to attempt suicide.


The negative effects of porn addiction are there for all to see, and with porn now more readily available than it was ever before, it is high time that the issue be looked at with major concern.

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