Break the chains of pornography addiction


Evaluation, Diagnosis And Counseling Of Sexual Addiction

There are different kinds of addiction in the world. The most common addictions are addiction to drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Where does sex addiction fall? Sex addiction is one of the less known kinds of addiction which is often not discussed and recognizedopenly. This is because majority of the people in the community are not very comfortable in the discussion of sex. There is massive inhibition. However, this scenario is changing very quickly and people are coming forward in discussing these sensitive areas of life.



The consequences of sex addiction are no different from the effects of drug, tobacco and alcohol addictions. In fact, the effects of sexual addiction can be very severe and painful. The absence of people willing to talk about sex addiction makes this a social problem. The internet is now the major source of porn materials. And the addicts multiply in number because they do can now watch and see these materials on laptops, computers and even Smartphones and tablets. Because of technology, more and more people became vulnerable to porn addiction. The painful fact is that young addicts suffer the most because of this kind of problem.


Evaluation of the person with porn addiction:


A sex addict can take help from professionals who are there to help them. The professionals will first evaluate the state of the person and find out about the extent of damage done by the sex addiction. However, addict or the people around him have to take initiative to take the person to some professional.


It is often easy for friends and family of the addict to pinpoint the sex addict. If the people around the sex addict look at the behavior of the addict closely, they will know that something is wrong with the person. The general symptoms of sex addiction that can be found in an addict are:


• Sex addicts tend to withdraw from relationships. This is because this addiction brings in damage to relationships. Sex addicts find ways to make time for their vice. There are times when they feel agitated if they cannot get access to their illicit materials. They may drift away from the people around them and this ruins their relationships.
• Sex addicts tend to live in disguise. They keep their addiction as secretly as possible, thus they try to balance their lives into something that is like normal.They will pretend to be like other. They often live a double life.
• Sex addicts have strong desires to play with sex toys and materials. They may have the desire to quit the vice but the compulsive behavior is too hard for them in most cases.


Addicts often find it hard to control their impulses. These people enjoy the short-term benefits of their activities and seldom consider the long-term repercussions of the addiction. The addicts are aware that they are doing the wrong thing yet they have to go on because of the compulsive behavior.


Diagnosis as a preparation to sex addiction counseling:


Diagnosis is the key for the cure of a sex addict. Proper diagnosis has to be made since the symptoms of sex addiction can be similar to symptoms of other behavioral problems. Bi-polarity also manifests in some of the symptoms of sex addicts. Because sex addition has to be properly established, there is a dire need to fix the minds of the patient.The treatment will start from the identification of the behavior which would entail a series of processes that can involve questioning, psychiatric evaluation and intense observation.


Treatments after evaluation and diagnosis:


Different experts have different approaches for treating sex addiction, but they all concur that they have to start with sex addiction counseling. Then supplemental treatments may be instituted. These may be provisional direction, behavioral intervention or resource provision. These supplemental treatments aim to assist the sex addict in his quest to overcome his sexual desires.


The counseling aims to eliminate the factors that trigger the sexual desires. Some areas that may be tackled are:


• Identification of the root causes,
• Marital or relationship problems,
• Work and other life-elated stresses.


Proper ways and avenues will be prescribed to re-direct the behavioral stress. In most cases, a program will be prescribed, along with the different steps to undergo in the process.


Recovery comes after treatment


This is an ongoing process for the reformed sex addict. Just because an addict has ceased his addiction does not gives surety that the process of recovery is over. The most important thing here is not to go back to the triggers so the recovering addict should never be exposed to these triggers wrong items. With the help of continuous therapy and counseling, the addict may find it easy to settle into new life and lead a normal life.

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