Break the chains of pornography addiction


What Is Your “Snap”- Pornography Addiction?

  In treating people struggling with Pornography Addiction you find that this addiction is no respecter of persons.  Those engulfed in its chains come in all shapes and sizes and in particular have various personality types.  Recently, I have noticed a trend with a certain personality type and this addiction.   The “Perfectionist” is an individual whose life is defined by pressure. They are always in the clutches of their unrelenting standards, which drive them to be Read more [...]

Overcome Pornography- A Porn Addiction Recovery Program that Works!

Hi, my name is Ryan Wynder and I want to welcome you to my Pornography Addiction site. Click Here to learn how to Overcome Pornography You more than likely have a lot of questions regarding Pornography and Sex Addiction.  Overcome Pornography was created for not only those  suffering from an Addiction to Pornography or Sex, but those loved ones who may be affected as well. In my private counseling practice in Las Vegas Nevada, I have been INUNDATED with clients both suffering from Pornography Read more [...]

Anthony Weiner- Porn Addict?

U.S. congressman Anthony Weiner is not alone. I know that my program "Overcome Pornography" could help him. Read more [...]

The Truth about Sex Addiction

So I was checking the news online this morning and was amazed to see this post on It seems like the world is finally understanding what a serious issue Sex Addiction is. Pornography Addiction is another form of sex addiction that affects millions around the world. Those who suffer from its grasp, find it difficult to break free. That's why I created this site, to help those who are trying to fight this most difficult addiction. Like the article mentions, "Hypersexual Disorders" Read more [...]

The Male Pornography Addiction Struggle

Simply Being A Male puts you at a Disadvantage when Battling Pornography Addiction. Here are some key points about how being male sets us up to struggle with this addiction. 1. The Chemicals in our brain are utilized in the pornography industry to draw us towards their product. Male and Female brains are chemically wired different,  in particular when it comes to arousal. Men are more visual creatures and can draw sexual gratification through our eyes. We are turned on by sexual nudity Read more [...]

Held Hostage by Pornography

Jeff is a quiet and contemplative 28 year old male, recently married with no children. During our initial meeting Jeff easily disclosed his personal life, providing a wealth of background information regarding his education and employment. Jeff works as an accountant with a moderate size firm and shared openly his desire of making partner within a short time frame. Further disclosure indicated that Jeff had served a Mormon mission overseas in Southeast Asia where he had acquired a taste Read more [...]

Pornography State of Mind

In a recent book I have been reading called, "Change your Questions, Change your Life" by: Wendy Watson Nelson, she discusses the influential power of questions in our lives. Building from an earlier article I have written on core beliefs, I wanted to share some insights I gleaned from this book and adapt them to the fight against pornography addiction. She states, "we" see things as "we" really are. In other words the state of our physical, psychological, and spiritual self, influence Read more [...]

It’s Not About the Naked People

There have been many times over the years in my treatment of pornography addiction, that clients have looked at me almost cross-eyed when I say to them: "It's Not about the Naked People! Their focus up until that point has been on the "Naked" people and they base their sense of progress simply on whether I look at pornography or I don't. Of course my challenge to all my clients is to look beyond the scope of the naked people and see what is behind THEIR desire to maintain their addiction. I Read more [...]

Change Your Story!

Part of overcoming your addiction to pornography has to do with changing our mindset, having a sense of hope, and believing we can overcome this addiction. Read more [...]

iPhone 4 used by the “Adult” Entertainment Industry

I just came across an article by Joel Schectman that has made me literally sick to my stomach. You can read the original article HERE Why is  it, that whenever we have an amazing technical breakthrough like video chatting over the cell phone, someone thinks of how they can use it to distribute pornography? If we look back at most technical breakthroughs and ways that people market on the Internet- the "Adult" Entertainment Industry is usually the ones who help develop them. I applaud Read more [...]
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