Break the chains of pornography addiction


The Male Pornography Addiction Struggle

Simply Being A Male puts you at a Disadvantage when Battling
Pornography Addiction.

Here are some key points about how being male sets us up to struggle
with this addiction.

1. The Chemicals in our brain are utilized in the pornography industry
to draw us towards their product.
Male and Female brains are chemically wired different,  in
particular when it comes to arousal. Men are more visual creatures and
can draw sexual gratification through our eyes. We are turned on by
sexual nudity in any way shape or form!  We have a visual spark
plug when it comes to viewing the female body.

Women’s sexual stimulation is often tied to touch and relationship,
thus it may be hard for them to understand the visual overload men

2. Men have a strong regular sex drive.  According to Dr. Dobson
for most men the buildup to heightened sexual desire takes only about
72 hours. Thus, when sexual response is blocked men experience an
accumulating physiological pressure which demands release. Although
this release does not justify acting out through pornography, it does
give added understanding to the complexity of the struggle in our
battle against this addiction.

3. Another key aspect of this issues is that as males we are socialized
to not share our emotions. Our emotions/feelings, however, are central
to the healing process of our addiction.

Sharing has to happen with your wife, your counselor, your support
group, and through your feelings journal. These tools and skills of
sharing feelings with others will need to be developed in order to
combat your addiction. That means stepping away from our conditioned
responses of being male.

Each of the principles discussed in this article are expounded upon in
the Overcoming Pornography Program.

See you inside,

Ryan Wynder

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